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Fiscal, Operations & Personnel

The public is best served when we are responsible stewards of taxpayer funds, process transactions efficiently, and provide accurate, timely financial information. The Supreme Court encourages full transparency and responsible spending.

The Supreme Court is also committed to equal opportunity employment that promotes accountability, provides support and feedback to employees and recognizes employee achievements.

The Supreme Court's Fiscal & Operations Office is responsible for:

  • Managing the budget & financial reporting
  • Processing all financial transactions & invoices
  • Facilitating fair & equitable personnel practices
  • Providing educational resources for Court employees
  • Managing payroll & benefits for Supreme Court staff, Judges, Magistrates, Prosecuting Attorneys and Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys
  • Working with outside vendors
  • Asset management

Job opportunities

Payroll & benefit services


Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer (CFO-COO)

Aaron V. Hood
Office of Judicial Administration
251 N. Illinois Street, Suite 1600
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 233-8684

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