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Information for Law Enforcement

Grant Programs

ICJI's Traffic Safety Division manages two grant programs that agencies can apply for: the Comprehensive Hoosier Highway’s Injury Reduction Program (CHIRP) grant and the Stop Arm Violation Enforcement (SAVE) grant. It's important to note that CHIRP provides federal funding assistance for multiple traffic safety programs that can be comprehensively applied for at one time in IntelliGrants.

Traffic enforcement grantees must submit fiscal and program reports in IntelliGrants and the Operation Pull Over (OPO) Database. Fiscal reports requesting reimbursement may include as supporting documentation:

  • Chirp-Comprehensive Officer Activity Form (Excel) (PDF)

  • TSP Tool Reporting Kit (Excel)

  • Non-Motorist Safety Grant Officer Activity Sheet (Excel)

All officers working grant-funded time must complete an activity detail sheet linked above for the enforcement period and may complete a Personnel Services Log (Excel) to clarify officers’ pay for reimbursement. An Administrative Log (Excel) must be completed and signed for administrative expenses being reimbursed.

Use the observational seatbelt survey forms (Excel) as required before and after the “Click It or Ticket” mobilization. Such surveys are optional for other mobilizations.

Impaired Driving Programs

CJI’s Traffic Safety Division continues to partner with law enforcement agencies throughout the state to reduce the prevalence of impaired driving on Indiana roads. As such, the division oversees a variety of initiatives and training programs working towards this goal, including:

  • Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST)
  • Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE)
  • Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)
  • Roadside Oral Fluid Program (SoToxa)
  • Ignition Interlock

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