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Fast Track provides qualified 21st Century Scholars and Frank O’Bannon Grant recipients with the option to use additional state financial aid in their current award year, in exchange for deducting additional eligibility units. The Fast  Track award became available to students beginning Summer 2018.

Fast Track Student Requirements

  • Be an Indiana resident;
  • File the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid);
  • Be eligible for the Frank O'Bannon Grant or the 21st Century Scholarship;
  • Be enrolled full-time or part-time during the academic year in which a student plans to apply for Fast Track;
  • Not have a bachelor's degree prior to the term in which the student plans to attend school;
  • Meet any other criteria established by the Commission.


  • Students must use the Frank O’Bannon Grant or 21st Century Scholarship in the current award year to receive an additional Fast Track award amount;
  • Students must earn at least 30 credit hours in the current award year (without the aid of the Credit Bank) to qualify for Fast Track;
  • Students must have at least 50 eligibility units remaining to receive the full-time (at least 12 credit hours) Fast Track award amount;
  • Students must have at least 25 eligibility units remaining to receive the half-time (at least 6 credit hours) Fast Track award amount.

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Application opens for the 2023-2024 academic year on March 1, 2024 and will remain open until  February 28, 2025. 

Students must create a ScholarTrack account to access the application. Once the application is submitted, ScholarTrack will review the student's credit completion for the current award year, the state financial aid used for the year, and the amount of state aid remaining to determine eligibility. Students awarded Fast Track during 2023-2024 can use the award for the following terms: Summer 2024, Fall 2024, or Spring 2025. The entire award amount (21st Century Scholarship or Frank O'Bannon Grant) must be used and the student must have completed 30 credit hours within the award window to qualify.

Fast Track FAQs

If you have questions about the Fast Track award, please email

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