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HOPE (Hoosier Opportunities & Possibilities Through Education) Agenda

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2023 HOPE (Hoosier Opportunities & Possibilities through Education) Agenda

The key pillars of the Commission's HOPE (Hoosier Opportunities & Possibilities through Education) Agenda — enrollment, completion, and graduate retention — will ensure all Hoosiers have the opportunity to access the hope higher education provides, employers will have access to a better-prepared workforce and communities will be stronger.

The HOPE Agenda calls for Indiana to be a top 10 state in the nation by 2030 in the following areas:

1.  Post-high school training and education going rates for youth and adults, across all demographics by leveraging tools such as the Frank O’Bannon Grant, 21st Century Scholars program, the Indiana College Core, FAFSA completions, the Workforce Ready Grant, our low tuition and fees and our continuous focus on high quality;

2.  Postsecondary attainment for veterans, individuals with disabilities, and the justice-involved;

3.  Utilization of credit for prior learning to honor the work, training, and education already achieved by adult learners;

4. The rate at which Hoosiers successfully complete their chosen areas of study;

5.  Retaining talent once someone has graduated from a postsecondary training or education program;

6.  Measurable distinction in economic and social mobility and prosperity outcomes; and

7.  As the recognized state for growing or starting a business, based upon the strength of human capital

Download the HOPE Agenda One-Pager (Updated 2/5/2024)

A Decade of Reaching Higher





  • Indiana's 2008 "Reaching Higher" strategic plan

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