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Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

Part D Standard Benefit Design Parameters

Deductible -
(after the Deductible is met, Beneficiary pays 25% of covered costs up to total prescription costs meeting the Initial Coverage Limit.
Initial Coverage Limit -
Coverage Gap (Donut Hole) begins at this point. (The Beneficiary pays 100% of their prescription costs up to the Out-of-Pocket Threshold).
Total Covered Part D Drug Spending including the Coverage Gap -
Catastrophic Coverage starts after this point.
$7,508.75$7,653.75$9,038.75 $9,313.75$10,048$10,516.25$12,447
Out-of-Pocket Threshold -
This is the Total Out-of-Pocket Costs including the Donut Hole.

** Catastrophic coverage is when you will pay 5% of the cost of each drug, or $4.15 for generics and $10.35 for brand-name drugs (whichever is greater).

Catastrophic Coverage Benefit

Generic Drugs$3.35**$3.40**$3.60**$3.70**$3.95**$4.15**$4.50
Brand Name Drugs$8.35**$8.50**$8.95**$9.20**$9.85**$10.35**$11.20

**The Catastrophic Coverage is the greatest of 5% or the values shown in the chart above.

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