Instructions for Online Pay Stubs

In the past, employees knew they had been paid because they received a check. Next came the paper paystub that confirmed a direct electronic deposit. Now direct deposits will be confirmed online.

The Auditor of State has changed the payroll process and will no longer produce paper paystubs and State Court Administration will no longer receive copies to mail to you. As an alternative, employees will be able to go online through PeopleSoft to view their paystub. The online paystub contains the same information as the paper paystub, plus additional information about pension contributions and year-to-date contributions by the State.

STEP ONE: Login to PeopleSoft

To access the PeopleSoft system, go to

You may wish to bookmark this page for easy access in the future.

Note about login: If you have not accessed PeopleSoft recently, your password has been reset to the first letter of your first name (capitalized) + the last four digits of your social security number + the first letter of your last name (capitalized) (ex. A1234B). If you have recently set your own password for PeopleSoft, you may continue to use it. If you aren't sure what your PeopleSoft ID is, contact Valerie Brooks, Stephanie Lalani or Lindsay Reynolds by email or phone at 317-232-2542.  For assistance with having your PeopleSoft Password reset, contact the IOT Helpdesk at 317-234-4357.

STEP TWO: Navigate to the Pay Stub

After signing in you will be taken to a page similar to the image below. You should then click on the “Self Service” link located on the left hand side, just below the search box (located near the RED ARROW in the image below) .

Screenshot of Self-Service Link

Once you have clicked on the self service link, you will be taken to the following page. In the center of the page, under “Payroll and Compensation” click on “Pay Inquiry” and this will allow you to view your most recent paystub (located near the RED ARROW in the image below) .

Screenshot of Payroll and Compensation Links

STEP THREE: Print your Pay Stub (optional)

You may print this paystub by using the print option on your web browser. The print option varies on different web browsers, but on most browsers, you can either (1) click the FILE menu and select PRINT; (2) Press CTRL+P on your keyboard; or (3) click the printer icon (if it is displayed) to bring up the print window, which allows you to choose your print settings.

To see previous paystubs, other than the most recent, click on the “Paycheck Selection” link in the upper right hand portion of the paystub. Clicking this link will display a page that looks like the inset in the image below (located near the RED ARROW in the image below).

Image of paystub example

STEP FOUR: Close the Pay Stub and Log Out

To exit the paystub screen, simply click on the red X in the upper right hand corner of the screen (located near the RED ARROW in the image below). This closes the browser window and will take you back to the Self Service page, where you can “Sign out” by clicking the link in the upper right hand portion of the page (located near the GREEN ARROW in the image below).

Image of screen 3

Questions regarding the online paystub can be directed to the Trial Court Services staff at 317-232-2542.