Start a new application

The application process will vary depending on what type of course you wish to accredit, when the course takes place, and whether or not you apply and/or report your attendance on time. See the Commission for CLE website to learn about when applications and attendance are due for the various types of courses.

If you apply before the course starts, the application will have 4 steps; if you apply after the course ends, the application will have 5 steps:

  1. Course sponsor
  2. Course details
  3. Course materials
  4. Credits
  5. Report attendance (shows only if the course is in the past, specified in Step 2)

When applying before the course, you can submit the application and wait to hear from the Commission for CLE on an accreditation decision. You may attend the course whether or not it is approved, but your attendance will only count toward your CLE requirements if the course is eventually approved. After taking the course, you can return to the portal to report your attendance using the "Report Attendance" button on the main CLE page.

After you have completed all of the required steps, the "Review & Submit" button will become active, and you can move forward.