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Company/Entity Financial Compliance


Financial Services

The Financial Services Division regulates approximately 1,970 insurance companies operating in Indiana. Regulation of insurance companies includes: monitoring financial condition, maintaining corporate information, and collecting the state's premium taxes, which are paid by insurance companies. The Division oversees third-party administrators (TPAs), health maintenance organizations (HMOs), insurance holding companies, preferred provider organizations (PPOs), purchasing groups (PGs), professional employer organizations (PEOs), reinsurance intermediaries (RIs), rating organizations, multiple employer welfare arrangements (MEWAs), managing general agents (MGAs), viatical settlements and collection of surplus lines premium tax.


Chief Financial Examiner: Roy Eft | 317-232-1991 or

Administrative Assistant: Heather Brewer | 317-232-2390 or

Examinations Manager: Jerry Ehlers | 317-232-2408 or

Financial Analysis

Manager of Internal Analysis: Amanda Denton | 317-232-1369 or

Life & Health Supervisor: Amanda Denton | 317-232-1369 or

P&C Supervisor: Pam Walters | 317-232-5331 or

Financial  Analyst Supervisor: Ben Bunn | 317-232-0686 or

Senior Financial Analyst:  Sonja Duelberg | 317-232-2392 or

Senior Financial Analyst: Kelsi Ash | 317-232-5298 or

Senior Financial Analyst: Tyler Mason | 317-233-9514 or

Senior Financial Analyst: Jackson Yaggi | 317-232-6037 or

Financial Analyst: MacKenzie Stamm | 317-232-5250 or

Financial Analyst: Nolan Everts | 317-232-5246 or

Company Records

Financial Services Operations Manager: Annette Gunter | 317-232-2428 or

Company Licensing: Connie Wright | 317-232-1994 or

Company Records (corporate amendments, name change, etc. | Annette Gunter |317-232-2428 or

Deposits/Certifications/Fidelity Bonds: Nasya Burkeen | 317-232-2383 or

Premium Tax & Retaliatory Fees: Debra Graves | 317-232-1993 or

Surplus Lines Tax: Britney Tate | 317-233-9998 or