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School Immunization Requirements

Be sure your child or teen is up-to-date.

COVID-19 Vaccine for Providers
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Monkeypox Information

Increasing School Immunizations to Prevent Communicable Diseases

A Letter to Superintendents, School Administrators, and School Nurses from State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box and Secretary of Education Dr. Katie Jenner

Indiana School Immunization Requirements

The Indiana Department of Health Immunization Program strives to prevent disease, disability and death in children, adolescents and adults through vaccination.


MyVaxIndiana is a user friendly concept which allows Hoosiers to directly access immunization records from any computer through the use of a personal identification number (PIN). Local health departments and healthcare providers will be the primary access point to obtain PINs. The PINs can be used by individuals to log in to a secure website and check immunization history for themselves and their children as it is recorded in the Indiana Children and Hoosiers Immunization Registry Program (CHIRP). Only registered CHIRP providers will be able to generate PINs.

Through MyVaxIndiana, Hoosiers will have the ability to download, fax, or print official proof of immunization, which can be used for school, travel or other purposes. Each record also features the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s ACIP Immunization Schedule so parents can plan for future immunizations.

MyVaxIndiana was created by the IDOH through a technology grant from the Office of the National Coordinator. This new system complements CHIRP, which is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The goal is to reduce the burden and costs of office visits, give Hoosiers another tool to better manage their health care and increase childhood immunization rates.

For questions, please email MyVaxIndiana@isdh.in.gov or email the Helpdesk at chirp@in.gov

Visit https://myvaxindiana.in.gov/ today!