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Resources for Providers

Newborn Screening Indiana

Newborn Screening Resources for Providers

PCP's Role in Newborn Screening: Displays all tasks a PCP should complete to facilitate the newborn screening system.

2022 NBS Program Manual: Provides guidance and best practices for newborn heel stick, hearing and CCHD screening.

2022 NBS Program Manual Webinar Video: This webinar walks through the NBS Program Manual which houses all newborn screening best practices, requirements, resources and contact information for Indiana's Newborn Screening Program.

NBS for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (PNPs) Video: This video provides an overview of the Indiana Newborn Screening Programs and reviews how pediatric nurse practitioners (PNPs) and pediatricians can facilitate newborn screening efforts.

EHDI Policy Manual: Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program's manual. Last revised 2019. Visit the EHDI webpage for more information.

Genomics and Newborn Screening Timeline: Visually maps out the history of newborn screening in Indiana.

NBS Conditions List: List of all conditions screened through newborn screening in Indiana.

Newborn Screening Log Template (Full version - 3 pages): Hospitals and Midwives can use this Microsoft Excel document template to track newborn screening. Each tab in the excel document is separated by screen type (heel stick, pulse oximetry, hearing).This template may be best for facilities with a higher birth rate since it allows for more patients to be logged per page. All information fields required by Indiana Administrative Code are incorporated into this template.

Newborn Screening Log Template (Condensed version - 1 page): Hospitals and Midwives can use this Microsoft Excel document template to track newborn screening.  All information fields required by Indiana Administrative Code are incorporated into this template.

NBS Lab Change of Information Form: To be utilized by birthing facility staff, midwife or physician to update or correct information that was previously submitted to the NBS lab.

Printed Materials Request Form: Use this form to request printed education materials and NBS cards.

NBS Discharge Checklist - Labor & Delivery/Postpartum: A checklist to provide guidance on newborn discharge from labor and delivery and postpartum units.
NBS Discharge Checklist - NICU & SCBU: A checklist to provide guidance on newborn discharge from NICU and SCBU units.
NBS Referral Sheet: A referral sheet to show which screens are needed and where to have the them completed.
Visit the State Forms page to find our other forms!
Heel Stick Collection Resources for Providers
Appendix D: Newborn Dried Blood Spot Storage and Use: Lists talking points to assist hospital staff in educating families about the dried blood spot storage consent options.
Heel Stick Quality Training: Online training module designed by the GNBS Program to educate newborn heel stick collection staff about heel stick collection best practices. This training will discuss the basics of the newborn heel stick screening, heel stick collection protocol and heel stick quality indicators.

Neonatal Screening Instruction Handout: Step-by-step instructions for performing the heel stick.

Simple Spot Check Handout: Visual aid that displays what good quality and poor-quality dried blood spots look like.

CLSI Heel Stick Collection Demonstration Video: Resource from CLSI that shows how to properly perform a newborn heel stick. You will be directed to create a free CLSI account. Once your account is created, you will have 24/7 access to the free video.  Click here to preview the video without creating a CLSI account.

NBS Card Tips Infographic: Visual aid to help birthing facility staff and midwives ensure all fields on the newborn screening card and dried blood spot consent card are completed appropriately.

Visit the Heel Stick Collection Tips page for more information!
CCHD Screening (Pulse Oximetry) Resources for Providers

Pulse Oximetry Screening Algorithm: Displays a chart to quickly identify whether the infant's pulse oximetry scores pass, require a repeat screen, or immediate fail.

Pulse Oximetry Flow Chart: Visually maps the process for performing the initial and repeat pulse oximetry screening.

Pulse Oximetry Exceptions Guide: Lists the valid reasons why a baby may not receive a pulse oximetry screen.

Newborn Screening Resources for Your Patients


Birth Defect Resources for Providers

National Birth Defects Awareness Month Toolkit: Provides health care professionals and families with information about birth defect prevention.

IBDPR Reportable Conditions 2021: List of all conditions that should be reported by physicians to the IBDPR.

Indiana Birth Defects and Problems Registry Brochure (Spanish): Educates families about what the IBDPR is, what it does, and what happens to their child's information.

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