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Medicaid Eligibility Policy Manual

The Indiana Health Coverage Program Policy Manual is an integrated eligibility manual that contains information about health coverage under Medicaid, Hoosier Healthwise, Hoosier Care Connect, and the Healthy Indiana Plan. The requirements for State Burial Assistance under the Medicaid program are also included. The manual contains eligibility and administrative policies based on state and federal laws and regulations that govern the programs, as well as system procedures using the Indiana Client Eligibility System. ICES is the automated eligibility system used by the local offices of the Division of Family Resources in the determination of eligibility for the listed programs. The Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning  administers Medicaid programs for the state.

First-time users of the Manual are encouraged to read through Chapter 1000 to understand the terminology and organization of the Manual, particularly to learn how the sections apply to the different programs and categories of programs.

Disclaimer: This manual is constantly being revised so some of the information contained may be outdated. This manual is intended for informational purposes only.

Chapter 1000: Introduction to IHCPPM

Chapter 1200: General Program Information

Chapter 1400: Administrative Policy

Chapter 1600: Categories of Assistance

Chapter 1800: Application Registration

Chapter 2000: Application Processing

Chapter 2200: Continuing Case Processing

Chapter 2400: Nonfinancial Eligibility Requirements

Chapter 2600: Resources

Chapter 2800: Income

Chapter 3000: Eligibility Standards

Chapter 3200: Assistance Groups

Chapter 3300: Medicaid Waivers

Chapter 3400: Budgeting and Benefit Calculation

Chapter 3500: Healthy Indiana Plan

Chapter 3600: Benefit Issuance

Chapter 3800: Transitional Medical Assistance

Chapter 4200: Appeals and Hearings

Chapter 4600: Benefit Recovery

Chapter 4700: Estate Recovery

Chapter 4800: Burial Provisions

Chapter 5000: Supplemental Assistance for Personal Needs

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Medicaid Medical Policy Manual