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Hoosier Health & Well-Being Atlas

Our health and well-being are affected by where we live, learn, work and play. For example, having quality grocery stores nearby makes it easier to have a healthy, balanced diet. Likewise, when our neighborhoods have safe parks and sidewalks, it makes it much easier to be active and stay in shape. And when we have access to reliable and affordable transportation, getting to and from school, work and doctors' appointments is much easier.

In order to better understand how conditions like these are impacting our communities, 10 optional questions were added to all online applications for health coverage, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. To learn more about your community’s results, simply click on your county.

Please read and review the following information regarding the interpretation and/or use of this data.

  • In August 2018, this assessment was made available to individuals who applied online for health coverage, SNAP or TANF. It does not represent anyone who applied in-person, by telephone, by mail or any other method. In 2019, 79% of those who applied for SNAP, TANF or health coverage applied online.
  • Assessment does not impact eligibility for SNAP, TANF or health coverage.
  • Applications are filed at a household level and may represent several individuals. The application includes demographic information for the person who applied only and not all members of the household.
  • An individual may complete an assessment every time they apply for health coverage, SNAP or TANF. If an individual completed the survey more than once with multiple applications for assistance, each set of survey responses is represented here.
  • If an individual completes more than one assessment when applying for multiple programs, only one assessment will be represented in the data.
  • To ensure personally identifiable information is protected, all data are presented in aggregate and data representing 20 or fewer individuals in any county will not be displayed (the demographic field will show as 0).

Tips for using this tool:

  • Hovering over a county on the map will display the county's name.
  • Select individual counties and/or questions by clicking on the county/question of interest. This will filter the demographic data below.
  • Select multiple counties by clicking and dragging over the counties of interest.
  • County list on the left side lists the counties that have been selected.
  • Clicking one of the counties on the left list will highlight the corresponding county but not filter by that county.
  • Select multiple questions by clicking one, pressing ctrl on windows (command on mac) and then clicking the other desired question.
  • Hover over the question to see the number of people answering “yes” to that question and to see the long description of the question.
  • To reset filters or return to the statewide view, refresh the page.