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To get your program approved, contact the SAA: (317) 234-6062

About the State Approving Agency:

The State Approving Agency (SAA) is a division of the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs tasked with the responsibility of approving all public/private schools, universities, and apprenticeship programs for those eligible for GI Bill educational benefits. The Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA) recognizes the importance of providing educational and training opportunities for veterans. The SAA operates within IDVA under federal contract. The function of the SAA is in keeping with departmental philosophy to support continuing education and development of veterans.

In addition to accredited public colleges and universities there are more than 250 approved apprenticeship programs in the State. These apprenticeships are both union and non-union and are found in both the public and private sector. In addition, the SAA approves On-The-Job-Training: medical/hospital based programs, flight schools, real estate and barber/beauty schools.

The State Approving Agency (SAA) was established by act of congress in 1947 to insure that veterans/eligible dependents can use the GI Bill educational entitlement in an approved educational and/or training program. Basic guidelines for approval are derived from the code of Federal Regulations, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Regulations and established SAA approving criteria.

The SAA must specifically approve each program of education into which an institution wishes to enroll veterans and other eligible persons to receive GI Bill Benefits.  If an institution operates a branch or extension facility, training and courses offered at those sites must be approved separately. Additionally, the SAA must be certain that catalogs, school calendars and other publications containing descriptions of programs and courses of study or both are submitted to the SAA as soon as published. All courses or training must lead to an educational, professional or vocational objective.  Courses in bartending and personality development are a vocational and recreational in character and are specifically prohibited from approval by law.

The SAA also approves Licenses and Certification Tests.  Tests must be required for certification or licensure in an occupation.  The cost of the license or test may be reimbursable using GI Bill benefits.

Federal contact:             VA Regional Office* (888-442-4551)

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