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Aquatic Invasive Species - Invertebrates

Report aquatic invasive species

DNR is seeking sighting information for invasive species in Indiana. If you believe you have spotted an invasive species, report it and, if possible, get pictures to assist in expert identification.

Prohibited Invasive Mussels

  • The Mussel Rule (312 IAC 9-9-3) designates three species of invasive mussels as prohibited species. This rule makes it illegal to import, possess, or release into public or private waters Asiatic clam, quagga mussel, or zebra mussel.
Common nameScientific nameInformation
Asiatic clamCorbicula fluminea Species Profile
**quagga musselDreissena bugensis Species Profile
**zebra musselDreissena polymorpha Species Profile, Zebra mussel waters

** Indicates species that are federal injurious species

Other Aquatic Invasive Invertebrates of Concern

The following invertebrates are not currently regulated in Indiana but are species of concern. Please take precautions to prevent introducing these species or moving them among bodies of water.

Common nameScientific nameInformation
Chinese mysterysnailCipangopaludina chinensisSpecies Profile
fishhook waterfleaCercopagis pengoiSpecies Profile
New Zealand mudsnailPotamoyrgus antipodarumSpecies Profile
red swamp crayfishProcambarus clarkiiSpecies Profile
rusty crayfishOrconectes rusticusSpecies Profile
spiny waterfleaBythotrephes longimanusSpecies Profile

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