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DHPA’s Archaeology Team administers programs for protecting and preserving Indiana’s precontact and historic archaeological sites and the valuable information that they contain. The DHPA is the central repository of archaeological records and reports for the state and also hosts the state’s official digital database of archaeological site information.

The primary responsibility of the Archaeology Team is to review, evaluate, and comment on projects that may affect archaeological resources. Other duties include:

Highlighting Hoosier Archaeological Sites: Examples from 92 Counties

We are featuring at least one archaeological site from each of Indiana’s 92 counties and will also highlight various archaeology case studies. Archaeologists from many Indiana state agencies and state-sponsored institutions routinely perform projects throughout the state. These documents are really stories of interesting archaeology sites and projects. In these, we try to minimize the technical details and summarize the facts into a simple three part format, integrating photographs, diagrams, and maps where possible to better educate and inform the public about the practice and significance of archaeology around Indiana. We thank our many archaeology colleagues who have contributed documents regarding sites.

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