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BOAH Forms

Application for Indiana Aquaculture Pre-Entry Permit - SF 53488

Cervids (Deer/Elk)
Farmed Cervid Pre-Entry Permit Application
Farmed Cervidae CWD Sample Submission State Form 55720
Application for Hunting Preserve License State Form 56067
Report of Special Hunting Permit Sales State Form 56074

Companion Animal
Commercial Dog Breeder and Broker Program Registration  SF 54051
Registration of Animal Care Facilities

Application for Bulk Milk Hauler/Sampler Permit - SF 1242
Application for Permit to Handle Milk or Milk Products - SF 36560
Application to Install or Modify a Milking System - SF 54101
Certified Industry Plant Sampler Application

Dairy Farm Application for Permit to Sell Raw Milk for Pasteurization - SF 38018
Bulk Route Permit Application - SF 50907 
Laboratory Survey Forms

Indiana Exhibition/Event Notification Online Fillable Form
Indiana Exhibition/Event Notification Form for Event Managers PDF

ID Program
Indiana Premises Identification Registration
Application for Business/Farm Account Premise ID - SF 52009

Animal Welfare / Dead Animal Complaint Form
Application for Disposal Plant License - SF 48563
Application for Livestock Brand Registration - SF 550
Application for Livestock Dealer License - SF 18496
Bond Required of Livestock Market Facilities and Dealers Under IC 15-17-14 - SF 50233

Meat & Poultry
Meat/Poultry Dealer Registration - SF48829

Market Swine Inspection - SF4848

Indiana State Board of Animal Health Supply Form
Official Identification Record-Keeping spreadsheet (excel)
Official Identification Record-Keeping spreadsheet (pdf)