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Commercial Dog Breeder & Broker

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Information for Breeders and Brokers

The Indiana General Assembly passed a law requiring registration of some commercial dog breeding operations and dog brokers beginning January 1, 2010. Information about registering is listed below.

You must register with BOAH:

  • as a Commercial Broker if you sell at least 500 dogs/puppies annually. (NOTE: Commercial brokers must be USDA licensed.)
  • as a Commercial Breeder if you maintain more than 20 unaltered females 12 months of age or older

Frequently Asked Questions 

Indiana Program Guidance Document

Indiana Breeder and Broker Rule (IAC 345, Article 13)

USDA Guidance

Dog Care Information

Dental Care

Disease Information

Canine Brucellosis


Dog Housing

Indiana Guidelines for Enclosures

Information for Consumers

Questions? Contact BOAH

Other Information

Dog Waste for Fertilizer

Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters (Association of Shelter Veterinarians)

Tax Information
Information about tax compliance for commercial dog breeders and brokers is available from the Indiana Department of Revenue.