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Animal Investigations Academy

About The Animal Investigations Academy

The Animal Investigations Academy (AIA) is the newest offering from the Indiana State Board of Animal Health. Developed by a former animal control officer, the Academy is intended to fill the void across Indiana for the training needs of animal control officers, animal cruelty investigators, and law enforcement officers interested in learning the laws and best practices of animal investigations. Mirroring national curriculums, the Academy will provide guidance on best practices that align with Indiana's laws.

Foundational Knowledge Course

Indiana animal welfare professionals, such as animal control officers and law enforcement personnel who respond to cases involving animals, are invited to attend the Animal Investigations Academy: Foundational Knowledge course.

Originally designed as a five-day class (offered in 2023), the Foundational Knowledge class is currently being revised to focus on topics essential to managing animal investigations effectively, including: animal law, animal husbandry, investigation basics, bonding statute information, policy and procedures, and more. The updated version of the class is expected to be fewer days and has not yet been scheduled for 2024.

The class is free to attend and is open to any Indiana professional who has a direct involvement with animal-related investigations. Pre-registration is required.

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