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Fleet Vehicle Registration Program

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for participation in the fleet vehicle registration program, the fleet operator must be an Indiana resident who owns or leases 1,000 or more passenger motor vehicles or trucks with a declared gross weight of not more than 11,000 pounds.

Fleet Plate
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Program Benefits

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Application Requirements

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License Plate and Registration Information

Fleet Registration Program Benefits

This program offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Fleet operator selects preferred registration expiration month at time of application. This allows you to select the month in which you will complete registration renewal for all vehicles in this program.
  • Each fleet vehicle will be issued a fleet license plate. The month/day of renewal date printed directly on the plate – this removes the need for you to update stickers on your plates.

Application Requirements

The Application for Fleet Vehicle Registration must indicate all Federal Identification Numbers (FINs) to which the fleet vehicles will be titled and registered, and the address and county affiliated with each FIN.

The fleet operator may declare on the application a preferred registration expiration month for the fleet vehicle registrations.

How to Apply

A fleet operator who meets the fleet program requirements may submit an application for fleet vehicle registration to the BMV.
You can email the application to or mailed it to:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles
100 N. Senate Ave. N483
Indianapolis, IN 46204.

Program Provisions

Once your application is received and approved, the BMV will assign a unique fleet number to each approved fleet operator.

Please note the following stipulations:

  • A vehicle registered under an FIN not listed or in a county not indicated on the application will not be included for participation in the fleet vehicle program.
  • The BMV shall decide the day of expiration within the approved expiration month.
  • If, at any time, the number of fleet vehicles falls under 1,000, the fleet operator will be removed from the fleet vehicle registration program. The fleet operator may reapply for participation in the fleet program.
  • The BMV reserves the right to:
    • Designate an expiration month differing from the preferred expiration month requested by the operator; or
    • Deny the application if it does not contain a preferred expiration month.

License Plate and Registration Information

Each fleet vehicle will be issued a fleet license plate. The unique fleet operator number will be printed at the bottom of the plate, and the month and day of expiration will be printed in the top left-hand corner.

The fleet vehicle registration expires annually on the assigned expiration month and day. The year of expiration is not printed on the fleet license plate. However, the full expiration date, including year, is printed on each vehicle’s Certificate of Registration.

If you have questions, contact the Registration Department via email.