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Indiana State Excise Police

The Indiana State Excise Police is the law enforcement division of the Alcohol & Tobacco Commission.  State Excise police officers are empowered by statute to enforce the laws and rules of the Alcohol & Tobacco Commission as well as the laws of the State of Indiana.  Our mission is to provide quality service and to protect the morals and welfare of the people of the State of Indiana.  We are dedicated to the harmonious growth of  our community, through a determined and cooperative partnership.  We strive to help our fellow Hoosiers make Indiana a better place to live through education, enforcement and community preservation.

COVID-19 Announcement - Executive Order 20-42 extends the state's face covering requirement.  It is the responsibility of permittees to ensure alcohol and tobacco are not served or sold to minors. If permittees are unable or unwilling to verify age or identification because the customer cannot or will not remove their mask, then they run the risk that alcohol or tobacco will be served or sold to a minor. Additionally, dealer permittees such as grocery stores and package liquor stores are statutorily-required to check the identification of individuals purchasing alcohol who appear less than 40 years of age. There is no legal requirement to sell or serve alcohol or tobacco to a person if the licensee is not satisfied that the customer is 21 or older. The ATC has suggested that checking ID and having the customer remove their mask could be done at a safe distance, but that is ultimately up to them. Simply put, not removing the mask will not insulate the licensee from liability for serving alcohol to a minor.

Notice - District 3 address change; begining August 15, 2019 the District 3 office will be located at 41 W. 300 N., Crawfordsville, IN 47933.

Notice - The Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission and the Indiana State Excise Police announce the start of the PACE program (Proactive Alcohol Compliance Enforcement).