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Motorcycle Endorsement

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How to Obtain a Motorcycle Endorsement

Did you know there are two ways you can obtain your Indiana motorcycle endorsement?

Indiana residents who successfully complete a motorcycle safety training course with an authorized Ride Safe Indiana provider may then add the motorcycle endorsement to their driver's license (either by visiting a branch or by simply logging into

Approved Ride Safe Indiana providers offer courses for beginning and advanced motorcyclists who want to learn or improve their riding skills. Over the span of three days, course participants receive:

  • Five hours of classroom instruction and
  • Ten hours of practical riding exercises in a controlled, off-street environment

The course concludes with a knowledge and skills evaluation. Training course results are electronically submitted to the BMV by the approved Ride Safe Indiana provider. Results are valid for one year.


  • Must be at least 16 years and 90 days of age
  • Must hold a valid Indiana driver's license

Participants are responsible for bringing the following to their training course: DOT certified helmet, full finger gloves, over the ankle boots, long pants, long sleeve shirt, and eye protection. Motorcycles are provided free of charge for your use during the course.

young man sitting on a motorcycle with safety cones in the background

Indiana residents who hold a motorcycle learner's permit may obtain a full endorsement after

  • successfully completing a motorcycle skills exam with an approved Ride Safe Indiana skills
  • turning in the signed/stamped motorcycle learner’s permit at a BMV location.

The motorcycle skills exam is only good for the validity of the motorcycle learner’s permit.

NOTE: Completion of the skills exam, is NOT the same as completing a motorcycle training course.


  • Must be at least 16 years and 270 days of age
  • Must hold a valid Indiana driver’s license
  • Must possess a valid motorcycle learner's permit
  • Must bring a DOT-certified helmet
  • Must bring a street-legal motorcycle to the skills exam

You may also be required to pass a standard vision screening exam.

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Endorsement FAQs

  • What restrictions does Indiana recognize on motorcycle endorsements?

    A driver with a motorcycle endorsement may have one of the following restrictions applied to their license: *Three-wheel motorcycle *Side car * MDC - Class A To remove a restriction, the motorcycle endorsement holder must successfully complete a motorcycle knowledge exam to obtain a motorcycle permit and successfully complete a motorcycle skills exam on a standard motorcycle (other than the motorcycle types listed above) at an authorized RSI exam site.

  • How do I transfer my out-of-state motorcycle license or endorsement?

    New Indiana residents who hold a valid, unexpired motorcycle endorsement from another state may transfer the endorsement to their Indiana driver’s license after passing a motorcycle knowledge exam based on the Motorcycle Operator Manual.
    Motorcycle-only licenses must obtain a learner’s permit, log 50 hours of drive time, and pass a drive exam in addition to passing the motorcycle knowledge exam to obtain an Indiana operator’s license with motorcycle endorsement.

  • How long is my motorcycle endorsement valid?

    Your Indiana motorcycle endorsement is valid for the period of validity of your driver’s license. You may renew your motorcycle endorsement at any BMV branch up to two years before the license expires. If you are less than 18 years of age when you get your license, you must renew your license between your 21st birthday and no more than 30 days after your 21st birthday. Learn more about renewing a driver's license.

  • How do I replace my driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement?

    You may request a replacement online at, BMV Connect, or BMV branch provided none of your information has changed since your last issuance.

  • How do I get an endorsement again if I dropped it?

    If you removed your endorsement and want to get it back, it depends on how long the endorsement has been removed from the driver’s license. If you removed the endorsement more than 180 days ago but less than three years ago a motorcycle knowledge exam only is required. If it has been more than three years a motorcycle knowledge exam, skills exam, and vision screening is required or successful completion of a motorcycle safety course must be submitted. You can see a list of approved RSI providers here.

Motorcycle Riding Skills Exam FAQs

Motorcycle Safety Courses FAQs

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