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Request for Practice Rulings

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Request for Practice Rulings

Practice Rulings are binding determinations issued to individual licensees at the license holder’s request and are based upon specific factual situations provided by the license holder. They are published in the Indiana Register. Because Rulings are based on a particular fact situation, only the license holder to whom the Ruling was issued is entitled to rely on it. However, other licensees may rely on published Rulings for informational purposes if they have substantially similar factual situations. In other words, if a license holder relies on a published Ruling issued to another, the license holder is not protected should the PLA discover upon examination that the license holder’s fact situation is different in any material respect from that situation on which the original Ruling was issued. Requests for Rulings must identify the license holder. They may not be made anonymously.

Practice Rulings only interpret a specific profession’s scope of practice.  If PLA determines a Requests for Practice Ruling was submitted for another purpose, it will deny the request without issuing any guidance. No guidance will be issued to any individual either involved in active administrative proceedings before a board or under investigation by the Indiana Attorney General’s Office.


  • Submit a request form.
  • When submitting a request form, you will be able to save your progress and resume at any time.
  • After you have submitted your form, you can view the status of your form and you will be notified of updates via email.
  • When your form request has been fulfilled, you can return to view your past submissions.

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