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Criminal Background Check Instructions

Please wait for the Email notice.*  Do not submit to a criminal background check until you receive an email notifying you that the board has received your application. A criminal background check (CBC) completed prior to the submission of an application for licensure will not be considered valid. An application is not considered “received” until it is manually entered into the IPLA licensing system by board staff.  An email is sent out notifying you that the application is in our system and you are eligible for the CBC.  If an application is not received before scheduling a CBC, the applicant will be required to submit to another check resulting in additional fees. As stated, you will receive an email from your board notifying you that you are eligible for the CBC. *Online applicants may start this process after the receipt screen appears after submitting their online application and payment.

Fingerprint rejections may lead to delay Fingerprint rejections occur for different reasons including the prolonged use of hand sanitizer and the wearing of latex gloves.  IPLA does not conduct or administer the criminal background checks and cannot assist you with expediting the process.

Applicants who reside out of state, or are physically unable to go to a location to be fingerprinted may use MorphoTrust Card Scan Processing Program. To view step-by-step instructions, please go back to the previous page and use the "Out-of-State Instructions."

Follow the simple steps outlined below to complete the fingerprinting process (for a printable PDF of these instructions, click here):

  1. Once you receive the board email with receipt of your application (or receive your receipt from an online application submission), go to http://www.identogo.com/. IPLA does not conduct or administer the criminal background checks and cannot assist you with expediting the process.
  2. Once you are on the Identogo home page, enter your zip code to find the nearest Identogo center.
  3. Choose the nearest pin location to you.
  4. Click Schedule Appointment.
  5. Scroll down and click on "Digital Fingerprinting".
  6. Choose "Schedule a New Appointment".
  7. Use the dropdown box and choose "Professional Licensing Agency" and click "go".
  8. Review the alert and click "I Agree" to proceed.
  9. Choose the profession for which you are applying to obtain licensure in the dropdown box and click "go".
  10. Enter the zip code and review the table to determine which location and day you wish to submit fingerprints. Once you choose, click on "click to schedule" for the date you have chosen.
  11. A dropdown box will appear with available times. Choose the time you wish to schedule and click "go."
  12. Enter your personal information and review.
  13. Choose payment method.
  14. Submit application.
  15. Print your confirmation page. If you provided an email address, you will recieve an email confirmation as well.
  16. Bring one of the following with you to your fingerprinting appointment:
    1. valid driver license;
    2. valid sate issued identification card;
    3. valid passport;
    4. student identification card with picture and date of birth;
    5. work identification card with picture and date of birth; or
    6. valid alien identification card with picture and date of birth.
  17. If you do not have the above identification, you will need both a valid birth certificate and a social security card.
  18. Arrive at the facility at your appointed date and time.
  19. The enrollment officer at the site will check your ID, verify your information, verify or collect payment, capture your fingerprints, and submit your data. This normally takes less than five minutes.
  20. You will receive a signed receipt at the end of your fingerprinting session, which can be provided to your agency for proof of fingerprinting, if needed.
  21. All results will be processed and delivered to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. Morpho Trust is never in possession of criminal record data results.
  22. If you do not have access to the internet, you may call Morpho Trust toll-free at (877) 472-6917 to schedule an appointment.