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Certified Livestock Producer Program

Certified Livestock Producer Program

The Indiana State Department of Agriculture developed the Certified Livestock Producer Program as a way to recognize livestock farmers that go above and beyond in their farm practices and procedures. This voluntary program will recognize farmers that are willing to demonstrate publicly their commitment to the environment, animal well-being, food safety, emergency planning, and biosecurity. ISDA believes this tool will help improve understanding of modern livestock production in today’s communities.

About the Program

The Certified Livestock Producers are livestock producers who must demonstrate their commitment to the environment, animal well-being, food safety, emergency planning, and biosecurity. Certified Livestock Producers complete self-assessments, trainings and an ISDA staff site visit in these four areas to complete their certification.

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Certification Process

  1. Submit the confidential application form. ISDA will verify that your farm is in good standing with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the Board of Animal Health
  1. After your application is reviewed, the Certified Livestock Producer Program Manager will reach out to provide the Certified Livestock Producer Manual and instructions to complete the program.
  2. After you complete the manual, contact ISDA to set and appointment for an on-farm review of the completed requirements.

Certified Livestock Producer Program Materials

Program materials are available for download for Certified Livestock Producer Program participants.

Questions? Contact Tracy Roberts at

Certified Livestock Program Video Tutorials

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Indiana benefit from this Program?

    Indiana’s livestock producers and industry is vital for the continued growth Indiana’s agriculture and the overall economic prosperity of the State of Indiana. Indiana has always benefitted from the commitment of Hoosier livestock farmers. This program will recognize those producers who are committed to raising livestock in ways that are sensitive to the environment, healthy and safe for the animals, employees and consumers, and conscious of their community.

  • How do I benefit from the Program?

    Hoosiers who live near Certified Livestock Producers benefit from knowing that their farming neighbor is committed to the environment, animal well-being and food safety, emergency planning, biosecurity and being a good neighbor.

  • Why should I be involved?

    Involvement in the Certified Livestock Producer Program is beneficial to the community, consumer, and producer. Not only will you be promoting better relationships between yourself and your community, you will also be establishing a safer farm for you, your family, and your animals. There are several benefits, both personal and community based, including connection to other certified livestock producers and support from the livestock team at the ISDA.

  • Do I have to be certified?

    No. The Certified Livestock Producer Program is a voluntary program designed to recognize those farmers that go above and beyond in their farm practices and procedures.

  • How much time will it take?

    The amount of time needed to complete the program varies from farm to farm. The Livestock Program Manager, Tracy Roberts, is more than willing to travel to your operation and assist producers work through the program materials.

  • What are the benefits, both short term and long term?

    Certified Livestock Producers who are Farm Bureau Insurance policyholders can earn up to a 5 percent discount on their farm policy.

    Certified Livestock Producers are eligible to receive a 5% discount on the purchase of equipment from Townsend’s Sales.

    Certified Livestock Producers will be recognized for their commitment through:

    • Farm signs
    • Commemorative plaques
    • Optional media promotion by ISDA

    Certified Livestock Producers have the opportunity to network with other livestock producers and industry experts at functions facilitated by ISDA.

    Certified Livestock Producers will receive, The CLPP Connector, a semi-annual newsletter that contains information and updates about Certified Livestock Program, other certified producers, current and new sponsors and educational material regarding the livestock industry.

  • Will my information be public?

    Effective July 1, 2008, all information provided on the application and verification form is confidential (see IC § 15-11-2-7). The verification form will be attached to the initial application and housed at the ISDA office as confidential. All of the other materials, assessments and plans will stay on the farm.

  • What if I don’t pass? What if I am certified and I have an accident?

    A current member of the Certified Livestock Program either shall be placed on probation or dismissed from the program based upon the occurrence of one or more qualifying violations (a full listing of violations can be found in the application). If a producer has been dismissed from the program or an application has been rejected because of a violation, there is a two-year probationary period before applying for recertification. During that time, the producer may not receive an additional qualifying violation; at ISDA’s discretion, based on the nature of the violation, additional requirements may be asked of the producer prior to permitting reapplication.

  • How will ISDA use my name and/or promote my farm?

    Each certified producer has the option of media promotion from ISDA.

  • Can I use the Certified Livestock Producer logo in my business?

    The Certified Livestock Producer Program logo may be used on company signs, apparel, business cards and letterhead. Any other use must first be approved by ISDA.

  • Who does the certification and how does that process work?

    An ISDA representative will conduct the certification. To begin the process, please complete and return the application, which can be found by visiting the Certified Livestock Producer program homepage.

  • Who can I contact with questions?

    Please contact Tracy Roberts at or 317.220.3711.

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