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Alex Marshall Testimonial

Alex Marshall

Ball State University

Major: Biology

Intern Division: Environmental Services

During my internship, I got to learn about much more than just the environmental services aspect of transportation projects. Firstly, I learned that so much more goes into environmental concerns than just wetlands, wildlife, and air and water quality. There are also cultural resources, noise pollution, and environmental justice concerns to name a few. I was also able to gain a broader perspective about permitting, planning, scoping, and the timeline of transportation projects.

Within the environmental services discipline, I learned how to write and review National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Categorical Exclusion (CE) documents that are necessary for transportation projects to proceed. The entire NEPA process is incredibly involved and has several pieces that all need to come together. I am grateful going forward in my career that this internship allowed me to receive NEPA and CE training and certification. I also had the opportunity to do field visits to survey project sites for wetlands and/or bats and birds. Additionally, the internship provided me with the opportunity to attend two plant identification workshops that will be beneficial for future career opportunities. I also had the wonderful opportunity to job shadow a project manager and assist another intern with a noise barrier inspection to further explore interests and career opportunities.

In addition to exploring career opportunities, expanding my knowledge and hands-on skills, and building my resume, the Governor’s Summer Intern program also provided me with many networking and professional development opportunities. I, along with fellow interns, had opportunities to meet with various directors of state agencies, hear from the governor, work on our interview skills, review our resume and connect with other young professionals.

Going into my senior year and my future career, I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked for the state and learned so much in what felt like such a quick summer! Leaving this internship, I am more confident in my future and in my capabilities. I cannot wait to see what opportunities await me and what doors this internship will have opened for me.

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