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Revenues & Expenditures of the Commission

The IGC receives revenues from applications, such as applications for a riverboat owners license, transfer of ownership, suppliers and occupational licenses, as well as from issuing licenses and disciplinary fines. This section does not include admission and wagering taxes received from the riverboats conducting operations as those taxes are not part of the IGC revenues.


In the period January 1, 1997 through December 31, 1997, the IGC received a total of Two Million Two Hundred Forty Thousand Four Hundred Dollars ($2,240,400) for application fees. In examining this total in detail, Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000) was for one transfer of ownership fee, Fifty-five Thousand Dollars ($55,000) represented eleven supplier license application fees of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) each, and Two Million One Hundred Thirty-five Thousand Four Hundred Dollars ($2,135,400) represented occupational license application fees for Level I ($1,000 each), Level II ($200 each) and Level III ($50 each). The occupational license application fees were paid by the eight riverboats conducting operations during 1997.

Fees for two (2) five year permanent licenses of Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($25,000) each were received from two riverboat owners who started operations in 1997. Six (6) suppliers paid Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) each for permanent licenses. One riverboat owner paid Seven Hundred Dollars ($700) for annual licenses for seven (7) Level I occupational licensees. The total amount received for permanent licenses was Eighty Thousand Seven Hundred Dollars ($80,700).

A total of Fifty-five Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($55,500) in disciplinary fines was assessed by the IGC against four (4) different riverboat owners who have violated the Act or rules promulgated thereunder (68 IAC).

Total revenues received by the IGC, for the year ended December 31, 1997, were Two Million Three Hundred Seventy-six Thousand Six Hundred Dollars ($2,376,600).

Riverboat license applicants paid a Fifty Thousand Dollar ($50,000) nonrefundable application fee and a Fifty-five Thousand Dollar ($55,000) investigative fee based on an anticipated cost of approximately One Hundred Five Thousand Dollars ($105,000) per investigation. Any costs in addition to One Hundred Five Thousand ($105,000) were paid by the applicant and any funds not used between Fifty Thousand ($50,000) and One Hundred Five Thousand ($105,000) were refunded.

The amount paid to the IGC for additional investigative fees from riverboat owner license applicants was Two Hundred Thirty-nine Thousand Five Hundred Eighteen Dollars and Fifty-four cents ($239,518.54). Supplier license applicants paid the IGC Ninety-four Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty-four Dollars and Fifty-two cents ($94,934.52) in additional investigative fees.


The Legislature appropriated Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) to be used over a two (2) year period when the IGC was first created by the Indiana General Assembly in 1993. This loan was repaid to the State's General Fund, with interest, on a monthly basis and was completely paid by June 30, 1997. From the period January 1, 1997 through December 31, 1997, expenditures from the IGC Administrative account totaled Two Million Two Hundred Eighty-five Thousand Three Hundred Fifty-four Dollars and Thirty-seven cents ($2,285,354.37). In the same period, expenditures for the Background Investigation Section of the Gaming Division totaled One Million One Hundred Seventy-five Thousand Eight Hundred Forty-seven Dollars and Fifty-one cents ($1,175,847.51).

The total amount of revenue refunded to the riverboat applicants for excess investigative fees paid was Seventy-one Thousand Two Hundred Ninety-six Dollars and Seventy-one cents ($71,296.71). The amount of revenue refunded to a supplier license applicant was Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000). The supplier license applicant did not have supervisory or operational authority over the marine crews of the riverboat casinos serviced and it was determined that they did not require a license. One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) was refunded on an occupational license applicant because the applicant was not a Level I applicant and should have applied at a lower level.


One (1) Sergeant and eight (8) State Troopers are assigned to each operational Riverboat. The cost of providing State Police personnel as IGC agents on the riverboats is paid by each licensed riverboat owner. I. C. 4-33-4-3.5 states "the licensed owner shall reimburse the commission for salaries and other expenses of the inspectors and agents required to be present during the time gambling operations are conducted on a riverboat". The costs of the Gaming Division manpower assigned as gaming agents aboard the riverboat including salaries, equipment, training and a prorated portion of the Gaming Division administrative costs were reimbursed to the State Police. The IGC reimbursed the State Police Three Million Three Hundred Thousand Eighty-eight Thousand One Hundred One Dollars and Thirty-three cents ($3,388,101.33). The riverboat licensees, in turn, reimbursed the IGC a like amount.