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Admission & Wagering Tax

The Audit Division of the IGC conducts contemporaneous audits of the operating riverboats. These audits include review of wagering and admission tax reported on forms RG-1 and RG-2 and verification of the daily adjusted gross receipts. These audits may result in adjustments to the RG-1's, the payment of corrected tax or the initiation of disciplinary action by the IGC.

Audits also include review of records and procedures of the riverboats to ensure conformity with the applicable statutes and the minimum internal control procedures established in the rules promulgated by the IGC. Each riverboat has a detailed set of internal controls, which are reviewed and approved by the IGC.

The activities of the audit division are coordinated with the audit staff of the Indiana Department of Revenue (IDOR), the Internal Revenue Service and the Auditor of the State. IDOR collects the admission and wagering tax from the riverboats.

The audit division compiles and reviews the information supplied by riverboats for monthly revenue release. This release includes a summary of wagering and admission tax and a monthly riverboat statistical report.

The following pages include various schedules and charts containing these statistics.