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ISRP Program Summary

Summary of Rules for the Internet Statewide Self-Restriction Program

Pursuant to Indiana Code 4-38, the following rules and restrictions apply to every person who enrolls in the Internet Self-Restriction Program (ISRP). The ISRP applies only to mobile sports wagering.

Sports Wagering is defined as wagering conducted on athletic and sporting events involving human competitors and other events approved by the Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC). Sports wagering does not include pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing, money spent to participate in paid fantasy sports and wagering on e-sports.

Mobile sports wagering is defined as sports wagering conducted through computers or mobile or interactive devices and accepted in the state of Indiana through an online sports wagering system approved by the IGC.

ISRP Enrollment:
  • A person may sign up for the ISRP online via the IGC website at
  • A person may select the length of self-restriction of one (1) year or five (5) years.
    NOTE: If the person selects one (1) year or five (5) years, the self-restriction will not end unless and until the person provides notification of his or her wish to be removed after the term of self-restriction expires.
  • Sports wagering operators may elect to evict participants of the ISRP from their properties.
  • Sports wagering operators may decide to evict or deny service to a participant in the ISRP at any of their other facilities anywhere in the world, which may include casinos and/or non-gaming facilities, including Las Vegas and/or Atlantic City.
  • A self-restricted person must sign a waiver and release discharging the IGC from liability.
Participation in the ISRP:
  • If a person signs up for the ISRP, the person’s name will appear on a confidential list. The list will be distributed to all sports wagering operators who will be required to restrict ISRP participants from placing wagers and receiving information regarding promotions or any other type of direct marketing.
  • By signing up for the ISRP, a participant agrees not to participate in mobile sports wagering.
  • Following enrollment on the ISRP, a patron will be allowed to withdraw the full monetary amount remaining in their sports wagering account, provided that the sports wagering operator acknowledges that the funds have been cleared.
  • It is the responsibility of the participant to refrain from mobile sports wagering gaming activities.
  • A self-restricted person volunteers to forfeit any money or thing of value that he/she obtains from or is owed to him/her by the casino if he/she is found gambling on an internet gaming site conducting mobile sports wagering.
  • All sports wagering operators must stop all direct marketing efforts to an ISRP participant.
  • All sports wagering operators shall cancel wagers made by an ISRP participant and refund the amount wagered.
  • Assets in sports wagering accounts at the time of self-restriction may be collected pursuant to the policies of each sports wagering operator.