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A record cannot be identified as available prior to purchase because under State statute (IC 16-37-1-11 and IC 37-1-11.5), the fee associated with a death certificate is for the IDOH Vital Records office to search the records to determine if a record is on file. The search fee includes one copy of the certificate if the record is found; search fees are non-refundable.

Indiana does not issue death certificates for individuals who died in another state. Requests must be made directly to the vital records office in the state where the death occurred. For a listing of contact information for vital records agencies throughout the country, visit the CDC's Where to Write for Vital Records page.

To move a family member from one cemetery plot to another cemetery plot requires the receipt of an Order for Disinterment and Reinterment. A permit is issued following the completion and submission of an Application for Permit to Disinter, Remove, and Reinter Human Remains (State Form 38697).

The permit allows for the disinterment of the individual from the current burial location, and subsequent reinterment at the new burial location. This process must be completed by the funeral director that will oversee the removal and reinterment of the remains.

For more information on Disinter/Reinter Permits, please call (317) 233-2700.

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