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Types of Birth Certificates:

Standard Birth Certificate Long-Form Birth Certificate
What is it primarily used for?  Driver’s license (real ID), passport, school records, sports, new hire information, SS card replacement, traveling abroad, government benefits Marriage outside of the U.S, genealogy, dual citizenship, immigration/visa, apostilles, pre-adopt, DAR/Son of American Revolution
Will it be a certified copy?  Yes Yes
What is the size?  8.5” x 5.5” 8.5” x 11”
What information is included? Name, sex, birthplace, DOB, parent’s names, parent’s birthplace, record file date, certificate number In addition to standard form: Parent’s birthplace, time of birth, attendants name, certifiers name, hospital name, parent’s DOB

A record cannot be identified as available prior to purchase because under State statute (IC 16-37-1-11 and IC 37-1-11.5), the fee associated with a birth certificate is for the IDOH Vital Records office to search the records and determine if a record is on file. The search fee includes one certified copy of the certificate if the record is found; search fees are non-refundable.

Indiana does not issue birth certificates for individuals born in another state. Requests must be made directly to the vital records office in the state where the birth occurred. For a listing of contact information for vital records agencies throughout the country, visit the CDC's Where to Write for Vital Records page.

This process does not apply to most births in Indiana.

Most births that occur in the State of Indiana are registered at the facility of birth using DRIVE; however, in cases where the birth did not occur at a facility, the process of registering a birth will be different depending on the child’s age when registration is sought. For children younger than 12 months, birth registration may take place at the local health department where the birth occurred. For children older than 12 months, a delayed registration of birth must be filed with IDOH Vital Records.

File a Home Birth

Home births are filed with the local health department in the jurisdiction of birth until the child reaches 12 months.

To file a home birth within 12 months at the local health department, documentation will be required. Evidence is commonly requested for proof of residence within the county or jurisdiction where the birth is being registered; however, other documentary evidence may be required depending on the health department.

Please contact the local health department where the child will be filed to obtain more information about documentary evidence necessary for registration, and other requirements.

File a Delayed Registration of Birth

For a delayed birth to be registered, proper documentation, completed forms, and associated payment is required. Documentation requirements vary depending on the individual's age at the time of registration.

To file a Delayed Registration of Birth, please contact Amanda Badaruddin at, or mail the request to:

Indiana Department of Health 
Vital Records 
Attn: Delayed Registration of Birth 
2 N. Meridian St. 
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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