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Vibrio Cholerae Testing

Vibrio Cholerae Specimen Collection and Transport

There is no cost for this testing.

Sample Type: Fresh stool or rectal swab. Stool specimens should be collected early, preferably within 24 hours of onset of illness, and before administration of antibiotics. > 10 mL for liquid stools; > 20 g solid or semi-solid stools.

    Collect fresh stool in clean, dry leak-proof container. Transfer indicated amount to the Cary-Blair transport as indicated by instructions on or with the transport tube.

    1. Be sure to properly label the specimen tube with at least the patient’s name and date of collection.
    2. Check the expiration date on the tube to ensure product is acceptable and will continue to be acceptable once received at the IDOH laboratory.
    3. Complete a request form for each specimen with the following information:
      1. Name, birth date, race, and sex of patient
      2. Specimen type and date of specimen collection
      3. Date of symptom onset
      4. Suspected disease agent
      5. Complete patient history, travel history, and other relevant information
      6. Submitting clinic information-clinic name, address, phone number, fax number, contact name and email address (if available).
    4. For eligibility contact IDOH Epidemiology SID 317-234-2808.

Required Request Form: IDOH Enteric form Specimen Handling: Body fluids handled with standard precautions.
Transport Temperature: Ambient Shipping Requirements: Category B UN3373, Triple contained in accordance with federal shipping regulations for diagnostic specimens.
Storage Instructions: Store between 2-8° C

Reporting Method: Mail Test Turn Around Time: 3-10 days
Test Referral: Cultures presumptively identified as Vibrio cholera will be sent to the CDC for confirmation and serological typing