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Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Water

The Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Water analysis is useful in environmental health investigations to help identify the source of contamination as human or animal in drinking water or surface water.



Samples are accepted only from state agencies, local health departments, or institutions doing environmental health research. This analysis is not available to the general public.

One Liter of water, preferably filtered through glass fiber in the field, should be collected and kept cold until delivery. Samples should be received within 36 hours of collection.

Please contact Mark Starzynski at 317-921-5553 for further instructions.

Samples are collected in specially cleaned 1 Liter amber glass bottles with teflon-lined caps or specially cleaned 1 Liter plastic bottles.

This method detects low levels of pharmaceuticals and personal care products. Sampling personnel must be gloved and should refrain from using caffeine, nicotine, and personal care products, including anti-bacterial soaps, the day before and the day of sample collection.

Soils may be collected in glass bottles and should be kept cold until delivery.

Waters need to be pre-filtered through glass fiber filters before laboratory preparation. Samples are preserved at the laboratory with EDTA.

Samples are delivered in person to the laboratory or shipped overnight with cold packs.

Indiana State Department of Health Laboratories
Suite B
550 W. 16th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Reports are emailed or mailed within 30 days of receipt. Results for water samples are reported in ng/L (parts per trillion).