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Methamphetamine Environmental Screening

Methamphetamine is a strong central nervous system stimulant that is mainly used as an illicit recreational drug.

This test is an investigational tool for Local Health Departments to determine if a house or other property is contaminated with methamphetamine. The lab does not certify that a property is clean after remediation.



Environmental Wipe Samples to screen for Methamphetamine contamination will only be accepted from Local Health Departments and other government agencies.

Contact: Amanda Scott 317-921-5580 for sample containers and instructions

Materials needed:

  1. 3” x 3” 12-ply cotton gauze
  2. Methanol - Gas Chromatography grade
  3. Cardstock or a Teflon® sheet - Disposable
  4. 40 ml VOC vial with septum closure
  5. Latex or Nitrile gloves

Sampling Materials are provided upon request.

Sampling procedure:

  1. A rigid template (10 cm x 10 cm square cutout) is made from cardstock or Teflon® sheet to ensure that a constant area is wiped. A single-use cardstock or Teflon® sheet is required to eliminate crosscontamination when taking multiple samples.
  2. A new pair of Latex or Nitrile gloves must be used for each sample to avoid cross-contamination.* The 3” x 3” 12-ply cotton gauze is wetted with Methanol (about 3-5 ml) on-site. Before wiping, squeeze out and discard any excess Methanol from the gauze.
  3. The testing area (100 cm²) is wiped using either a concentric or side-to-side motion.
  4. The 3” x 3” 12-ply cotton gauze is then inserted into the provided sample container (40 ml vial).* The sample container is securely capped and kept refrigerated (<6°C). Refrigeration or ice is recommended as soon as possible.
  5. An unused sample of the Methanol-wetted cotton gauze should be placed in a separate sample container as a Procedural Blank and submitted with every set of samples, along with a completed chain of custody form.

Ship or hand deliver to:

Indiana Department of Health
Chemistry Laboratories
550 W. 16th Street, Suite B
Indianapolis, In 46202

Results normally are e-mailed to the submitter within 30 days.