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Listeria Testing

Listeria Specimen Collection and Transport


  1. Specimen type: Pure viable culture on appropriate agar medium slant.
  2. One isolate per patient.
  3. IDOH Communicable Disease Rule 410-IAC 1-2.3-76 requires submission of these isolates within (3) business days of isolation.
  1. Appropriate agar medium slant in tube with screw-cap tightened or other similarly approved commercial transport medium.
  2. Shipping boxes/containers with appropriate shipping labels, commercially available.
    1. Label the culture tube with a minimum of the patient's name, date of birth and date of organism isolation.

      A minimum of two unique patient identifiers, (i.e. first/last name) DOB, MRN) must be indicated on the isolate tube.  Unique identifiers must match what is entered on the submission form/LimsNet if available.
    2. Check the expiration date on the tube to ensure the product is acceptable and will continue to be acceptable once received at the IDOH Laboratory.
    3. Complete a Reference Bacteriology Culture Identification request form for each specimen with the following information:
      1. Patient name, address, age, gender, onset, physician name, and diagnosis.
      2. Culture isolation source, date isolated, date submitted, organism suspected.
      3. Submitting facility information-clinic name, address, phone number, fax number, contact name, and email address (if available).
      4. Relevant comments which may include patient history or travel history.
      5. Isolate Handling: Infectious agent, Biosafety level 2.
      6. Contact IDOH Epidemiology SID 317-234-6312 or 317-233-7336 if necessary.

    Ship To:
    Indiana Department of Health
    550 West 16th Street
    Indianapolis, IN. 46202

    1. Package according to Category B UN3373 guidelines.
    2. The completed submission/request form may then be wrapped around the sealed inner container and together placed securely into the outer shipping container.
    3. Do not send culture isolates on petri plates if submitting by mail.
    4. Clearly label the outer container with the senders name/address and recipients name/address.
    5. Transport Temperature: Ambient conditions

Reporting Method: Fax, phone, email, or Mail
TAT: 3-16 business days.
Test Referral. Cultures identified as Listeria monocytogenes will be sent to the CDC for confirmation and typing.