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Carbamate Testing

1. All samples must be collected in amber 60 ml septum vials labeled 531.1

2. Vials will contain 5 mg of sodium thiosulfate crystals and 2 ml of CL acetic acid buffer. When filling, DO NOT RINSE THE VIALS.

3. When sampling from a water tap, open the tap and allow the system to flush until the water temperature has stabilized (usually about 3 min.). Shake sample for 1 minute after collection.

4. Collect 2 vials per site.

5. The samples should be kept cool (4ºC) and transported to the IDOH lab as quickly as possible. Appropriate request forms for the analyses must be completed and submitted along with the samples.

Deliver to:

Indiana Department of Health
Organic Chemistry Lab
550 W. 16th St Suite B
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: 317-921-5580