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The Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education provides assessment of children who are deaf and hard of hearing by qualified professionals for the purposes of eligibility determination, language and goal planning, service provision, monitoring performance and identifying additional learning challenges and developmental needs.

Assessments may be completed in collaboration with the child’s local school's assessment team or entirely by the Center assessment team. The assessment may include several disciplines based on file review and requests of referring entity. Assessment areas that are available at the Center include:

  • Academic
  • Access Technology
  • Adaptive
  • Audiology
  • Cognitive
  • Communication and Language
  • Executive Function
  • Functional (within the educational environment)
  • Gross and Fine Motor Abilities
  • Observation (natural learning environment)
  • Sensory Processing
  • Social and Emotional
  • Visual-Motor

Center assessment team members can also provide technical assistance to professionals regarding the assessment of children who are deaf and hard of hearing aligning to the Guidelines for the Assessment and Educational Evaluation of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children in Indiana.

Center ASL Skills Checklist

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