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HIP Maternity

What happens when a HIP member becomes pregnant?

The Healthy Indiana Plan covers maternity care. But there are several things pregnant women need to know. It is also best that these members talk with their doctor and health plan (Anthem, CareSource, MDwise, MHS) as soon as they become pregnant. These resources can help members understand their maternity benefits.

Step 1: Report your pregnancy to your health plan. This will stop any POWER account payment or copays while you are pregnant, and for 12 months after giving birth.

Step 2: After you become pregnant, you will join HIP Maternity. HIP Maternity will cover enhanced benefits during your pregnancy, this includes vision dental and chiropractic services, non-emergency transportation, and enhanced smoking cessation services for pregnant women. Members can earn rollover credit while enrolled in HIP Maternity, so receipt of preventive services including prenatal visits can reduce the future cost of enrollment in HIP Plus.

Step 3: As soon as possible, members should report the birth of a child or the end of the pregnancy to the state. Following the end of pregnancy the additional benefits will continue for 12 months. No payments into the POWER account or copays are required during this time.

Step 4: 12 months after giving birth, members will begin to receive HIP Basic benefits and will have a 60 day period to pay their contribution to receive HIP Plus. The member’s health plan will send the invoice for the contribution. Member HIP Plus benefits will start the first of the month in which they make a payment. If a member does not make the payment and has income over the poverty level, they will not be eligible for continued benefits and will be disenrolled from HIP. Members under the poverty level who do not pay may continue in HIP Basic and pay copayments for receipt of health care services.