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Program Description

Child Mental Health Wraparound Services

Children's Mental Health Wraparound handout

Guide for Youth and Families

The Children’s Mental Health Wraparound program provides youth with serious emotional disturbances with intensive, home- and community-based wraparound services that will be provided within a System of Care philosophy and be consistent with wraparound principles. Services are intended to augment the youth’s existing or recommended behavioral health treatment plan (Medicaid Rehabilitation Option, managed care, etc.) and address the following:

  1. The unique needs of the CMHW participant.
  2. A treatment plan built upon the participant and family strengths.
  3. Services and strategies that assist the participant and family in achieving more positive outcomes in their lives.

CMHW services are provided by qualified, DMHA-approved, specially trained service providers who engage the participant and family in a unique assessment and treatment planning process characterized by the formation of a child and family wraparound team. The team will make available to the participant/family an array of strategies, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Behavioral health and support services
  2. Crisis planning and intervention
  3. Parent coaching and education
  4. Community resources and supports

The state’s purpose for providing CMHW services is to serve eligible participants, who have severe emotional disturbances, and enable them to benefit from receiving intensive wraparound services within their home and community with natural family/caregiver supports. The CMHW services available to the eligible participant include:

  1. Wraparound facilitation
  2. Habilitation
  3. Respite care
  4. Family support and training for the unpaid caregiver

The CMHW program is governed by this provider manual, which was developed by DMHA and approved by the Indiana Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning to define the CMHW program requirements, standards and expectations, including but not limited to the following:

  1. CMHW participant eligibility, application, assessment/evaluation, treatment planning and service delivery.
  2. CMHW provider qualifications, including DMHA approval process and provider responsibilities.
  3. State expectations for access sites, wraparound facilitators and other CMHW services providers.
  4. CMHW service scope, limitations and exclusions.
  5. Requirements for service delivery and reimbursement.
  6. CMHW services participant and family rights.
  7. Participant fair hearings, grievances and appeals.

Indiana’s quality management process that includes monitoring, discovery and remediation processes implemented to identify opportunities for ongoing quality improvement within the service program—and to ensure the state plan amendment is operated as follows:

  1. In accordance with federal and state requirements.
  2. To ensure participant health and welfare.
  3. To ensure participant needs, desired outcomes and preferences are part of the person-centered planning process and reflected in the plan of care.