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Indiana's Water Shortage Plan

In 1994, the Department and Natural Resources prepared Indiana's Water Shortage Plan , after considering input from a variety of stakeholders. The plan included triggers to identify the start of a water shortage and appropriate responses, including water-use priorities and conservation tools. The plan recommended voluntary restrictions or conservation methods but established no group to put the plan in play. Indiana Code 14-25-14 was enacted in 2006 (since repealed), and a Water Shortage Task Force was appointed by the governor to administer and update the Water Shortage Plan. The task force was composed of a diverse and experienced group of professionals representing:

  1. Public Water Supply Utilities
  2. Agriculture
  3. Steam Electric Generating Utilities
  4. Industry
  5. Municipalities
  6. Environmentalists
  7. Consumer Advocates
  8. Economic Development Advocates
  9. Academia
  10. Public

The Water Shortage Task Force conducted its initial meeting Dec. 6, 2006, in the Indiana State House. Task Force Committee Membership and Responsibilities were proposed at the meeting. In addition, PowerPoint presentations titled "Senate Enrolled Act 369" [pdf version ] and "Water, Water Where??" [pdf version ], were made by Department of Natural Resources staff and Carlton Curry of the City of Indianapolis Department of Waterworks, respectively. IC 14-25-14 required the Task Force to complete an initial revision of the 1994 Water Shortage Plan before July 1, 2009, and present the revised plan to the Water Resources Study Committee. The revision was completed in July 2009, and the Indiana Water Shortage Task Force Final Report was provided on Sept. 9, 2009. The Water Shortage Task Force was abolished in 2012 with the repeal of IC 14-25-14.

For more information or to seek answers to questions regarding Indiana's Water Shortage Plan or the Water Shortage Task Force, please email


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