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This report includes information about the amount, location, and characteristics of surface water and ground water for the Lake Michigan Region in Indiana. By comparing the supply potential of surface-water and ground-water systems with current and projected water use, areas of potential water-use conflicts and areas of underutilized water supply can be identified. A summary of this report is available on our site or you can view the entire project broken down into separate files listed below.

Topics covered in the Lake Michigan Region report include:

  • socioeconomic setting
  • geologic framework
  • climatic features
  • surface-water hydrology and quality
  • ground-water hydrology and quality
  • current and projected water use
  • potential for water-use conflicts

Charts and graphs are included throughout the report to describe technical concepts. Fold-out maps and color plates illustrate ground-water and surface-water availability, piezometric contours, bedrock topography, transmissivity, drift thickness, land use, and water withdrawals.


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