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Ground-Water Bulletin Series

This series of reports describes results of water resource investigations, primarily by county.

Earliest bulletins were primarily basic ground-water data reports and include:

  • pumpage, water levels, and water quality
  • text, figures, tables, and plate maps
  • water well records having geologic descriptions

Later reports (after 1968) became more interpretive.

  • maps of data points, bedrock topography, unconsolidated thickness, principal water- bearing units, ground-water availability, and potentiometric surface
  • descriptions and cross sections of bedrock, unconsolidated deposits, and principal water-bearing units
  • information on potential yield and development potential, aquifer coefficients, water levels, water quality, recharge, and discharge for principal aquifers

See county list below for individual bulletins.

  • Water Levels in Indiana
  • Water Level Records of Indiana
  • Ground-Water Levels in Indiana: 1955 through 1962

Note: For counties not shaded or listed below, no bulletins were completed.

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