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Guidelines for New Dams & Existing Dam Improvements

These guidelines are directed to project engineers, technical professionals and owners involved in the design and construction of a proposed dam or the modification of an existing dam that is under the jurisdiction of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). The intent of these guidelines is to provide direction to experienced dam design professionals so that the final product, the dam, is safe and the owner's investment in professional engineering is maximized.

The majority of information given in this document is general and provides many of the dam safety technical principles used throughout the country. The Project Engineer in charge of the design of a dam must be a registered professional engineer and have the training and experience to properly apply these guidelines to the specifics of the site and the needs of the owner. If the owner's Project Engineer follows these guidelines and an appropriate engineering design package is submitted to IDNR's Division of Water, the time to obtain approval on the proposed work will be significantly reduced. View the entire document

Note: Modifications were made to Indiana's dam statute (IC 14-27-7) in 2002. Look for future changes to polices and procedures regarding inspection, enforcement, and permitting of dams in Indiana.


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