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Report A Coal Mining Problem

The public is encouraged to contact our office with any concerns or questions related to coal mining or coal mine related problems. If you are uncertain if a problem or condition is the result of mining, contact our office and we will be glad to make that determination for you. Although extensive reclamation work has been accomplished over the past 25 years, new sites on private property continue to be found and reported.

Landowners who are directly affected by the reclamation will be contacted by staff and involved during the site survey and design. A right-of-entry agreement with the landowner gives the Division and its contractor permission to enter and work on the property. After satisfactory completion of the reclamation and a warranty period to ensure vegetation is well established, the right-of-entry is terminated and the landowner has full use of the land. Division employees will work with individual landowners to provide information on the sensitive nature of reclaimed ground, and explain any cautions or potential problems that may arise.

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