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Research and Collecting Permits

Nature Preserves have long been ideal areas for many scientists and researchers to conduct their work. Many nature preserves have benefited greatly from different kinds of research. Research often includes a variety of projects that may include both flora and fauna.

Below are links to help those interested in conducting research and/or collecting from a nature preserve to do so legally since many state and federal laws are involved.

When is a Division of Nature Preserves’ Research and Collecting permit required?

Any work on a dedicated Nature Preserve or Division of Nature Preserves’ owned land requires a permit.

How do I obtain a permit?

A detailed email must be sent to that includes the timeline of activities, purpose of the activity, methods to be used, species to be captured or taken, and the location of the proposed activity. Research proposals should be included to provide additional information. The research proposal needs to be approved and signed by all stakeholders, and the permit must be carried by all when on any property covered in the permit. If a Scientific Collectors/Purposes License (SPL) is required by IC 14-22-22, it must be obtained before the Division of Nature Preserves will issue a permit.

When to apply?

We recommend that you apply at least 30-45 days in advance of your first planned field activities. Some proposed activities, such as those that require additional coordination with multiple landowners, require more extensive review and can require a longer period of time before the issuance of a license.

How and where to apply?

Email a written proposal outlining sampling protocol, collections, researchers, and complete property list to Wyatt Williams,

Nature Preserve Act 14-31-1 Document

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