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Sugar Creek Conservation Area

Sugar Creek Project Area
Office Hours: M-F, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. ET
  • Description

    The Wabash River and Sugar Creek Conservation Areas begin along the tributary creek at Shades State Park and run south-southwest, stretching across four counties - Montgomery, Parke, Vermillion and Vigo - ending at Fairbanks Landing FWA, south of Terre Haute.

    The Sugar Creek Conservation Area consists of about 1,321 acres and is primarily forested with rugged terrain that is rich in biological diversity. Habitat found in this area includes upland forests, ravine forests, cliffs, bottomland forests, flatwoods, seeps and springs. Wildlife species commonly found include deer, turkey and migratory birds. Parking areas

    • Lot 101 at 6328 E High Bridge Road, Marshall, IN 47859
    • Lot 201 North at 10223 N 125 W, Bloomingdale, IN 47832
    • Lot 201 Center at 1475 W 950 N, Bloomingdale, IN 47832
    • Lot 201 South at 1575 W 830 N, Bloomingdale, IN 47832
  • Activities

    There are no self-service check-in stations.


    Shoreline fishing along Sugar Creek is allowed. See the Fishing Regulations for size and bag limit details.


    All hunting seasons and bag limits apply. See the Hunting & Trapping Guide for details.

    There are no reserved draw hunts.

    Target shooting is prohibited.

    Bonus antlerless tags are not permitted during deer season, and there is no deer hunting during the special antlerless season.


    Trapping is permitted. Upland trapping is restricted to the use of dog-proof traps and #2 traps or smaller. Snares are NOT permitted. Conibears are permitted ONLY covered by water. For more details contact the Deer Creek Fish & Wildlife Area office at 765-653-0453.

    Other Activities

    Non-hunting activities include wildlife watching, walking, mushroom hunting and gathering nuts, and do not require sign-in.

    River otter, beaver, deer and other mammals are commonly seen.

    The collection of ginseng is not allowed.

    Camping and swimming are prohibited.

    Please read and obey all signs.

  • Rules

    For additional property rules, visit Indiana Fish & Wildlife Property Rules or contact the Deer Creek Fish & Wildlife Area office at 765-653-0453.

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