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Hearing and Review

How to Schedule a Hearing

Please contact the Office of Administrative Law Proceedings to schedule hearing.

Final Orders

As required by Ind. Code § 9-14-13-5, drivers’ personal and highly restricted personal information have been redacted from these orders. As defined by Ind. Code § 9-14-6-5 and 9-14-6-6, personal and highly restricted personal information includes the individual’s digital photograph or image, Social Security number, medical or disability information, driver’s license or identification document number, name, address (but not the ZIP code), and telephone number.

Customers’ medical information is considered highly-restricted personal information under Ind. Code § 9-14-6-5. Final medical-related orders are not published online to protect personal information. All final orders are available for public inspection pursuant to Ind. Code § 4-21.5-3-32, at the BMV’s Central Office at the Indiana Government Center, 100 North Senate Avenue, North Building, 4th Floor, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

Habitual Traffic Violator (HTV) Reviews