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Data Programs

The BMV has data programs available for qualified individuals or entities to access data. These programs are provided in compliance with eligibility and use requirements defined in the Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) and Indiana Code.

Data Programs

Instant Access

This program provides individuals a resource to purchase a one-time driver record, title, or registration. To use this service, the requestor is required to input personal information and sign an electronic agreement.

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Basic and Enhanced Access

This program offers a few options based on the individual or entity requesting the information.

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Volume Access

This program provides offers options based on the business purpose with a qualifying DPPA reason. Entities must meet all program requirements and execute a contract with State.

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Additional Programs

In addition to this program, requests for information can be submitted through the Driver or Vehicle Records Request or the APRA Portal Public Records Request. Each request has unique requirements. Please review them carefully before submission.

Legal Disclaimer: DPPA prohibits the release or use by any State DMV/BMV (or any officer, employee, or contractor thereof) of personal information about an individual obtained by the bureau in connection with a motor vehicle record. It sets penalties for violations and makes violators liable on a civil action to the individual to whom the released information pertains. Further, DPPA includes several exceptions for use such as recalls or insurance activities. The purposes are defined in 18 U.S.C. § 2721. Indiana Code further outlines eligibility and use requirements. Those are defined in Indiana Code (IC) § 9-14-13-7 or § 9-14-13-8.