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Media Contacts

All media inquiries for the BMV, including all branches, are directed to:

Melissa Hook
Communications and Media Relations Director

Richard Lord
Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

Please submit a Request for Certified Records – State Form 53789. Reporters may send only completed forms by email to:

Melissa Hook
Communications and Media Relations Director

Please submit public records request using the APRA portal.

Your request will be reviewed to determine if we have the information you are seeking and if the information is releasable. This process can take some time depending on the scope of your request. You can track the progress of your request through the portal.

If you are requesting a Certified Record, such as an official driving record, you must make that request using State Form 53789. Certified Records requested through the APRA Portal will be referred to the state form.

This portal is for requests from the general public and news media only. All other requests will be fulfilled outside of this portal. Please review the below list for additional request information:

  • Employees requesting their own personnel file should contact the BMV HR Department via email to:
  • Requests via subpoena must be emailed to:
  • Requests from law enforcement must be emailed to:
  • Requests for certified records must be made via a State Form 53789 with payment to 100 N. Senate Ave., Rm 412, Indianapolis, IN 46204.
  • Other requests that may contain personal information must be made to:

Submit a Request through the APRA Portal