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Welcome to The Artist Services Hub

The Indiana Arts Commission believes you can build your thriving, creative life in Indiana exactly the way you want to. Need some help clarifying your career or business goals? Looking for something specific to get you on your way? Want to connect to other creatives here? We got you. Explore The Hub, and if it still doesn’t hit the mark, reach out.

  • Resources for Your Art

    Look and listen. We’re not here to tell you how to do your creative work. We’re here to support.

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  • Resources for Your Business

    Running your own business has its pros and cons, and one of its pros is that you don’t have to know and do it all.

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  • Resources for Your Wallet

    Making a living as an artist has garnered some rough connotations: “it’s hard,” “you live paycheck to paycheck,” and so on. This can be true – for artists and non-artists alike.

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  • Resources for Your Life

    Pursuing your artistic career full-time shouldn’t mean sacrificing your personal wellbeing or lifestyle.

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Lawyers for the Arts

Get free legal assistance for artists and small arts organizations.
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Reopening Guidelines

Check out these four tips assembled by arts professionals for arts professionals.
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Artist Survey Results

More than three quarters of creatives have been significantly impacted by COVID-19
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Navigating the World During COVID-19

Three pieces of advice for creatives.
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You are Not Fragile

To the independent creatives, artists, performers, storytellers, culture-bearers, makers, tinkerers, designers.
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Replacing Fear With Curiosity

What action can artists and art organizations take to inspire curiosity instead of igniting fear?
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