Customized Data Download for Multiple Practitioners

The Professional Licensing Agency maintains a database on all health practitioners that have been issued a license, certificate, registration or permit. There are approximately 300,000 records in the database, consisting of the name, license number, address, issue dates, expiration dates, and license status for each health practitioner. All of the information in the database is public information and it does not contain any confidential information, such as social security numbers or examination results. Through the portal, you can obtain customized information on multiple practitioners in a list format. You can search the entire database or select parameters for specific information you seek to obtain. Before conducting a search, you will be required to agree to certain user conditions. After you conduct a search, you will be informed of the records retrieved and of the cost to download the records. You can then choose to download the records or to conduct a new search. If you are not seeking to download information on multiple practitioners and only want to verify a license or obtain information on an individual practitioner, you should go to the License Search page. If you choose to download, the records will be imported into an Excel file. If you do not have Excel, you will be prompted to save the file to disk. The database is updated in real time. If you choose to download data of non-active or expired license holders, the information is not guaranteed to be up-to-date. fees to download customized data for multiple practitioners are:

You must pay the download fee by credit card (Instant Access) or use your Subscription (

The total number of records as well as the total cost of the download will be displayed before you are charged for the search. You can gain Instant Access to the application using a credit-card, or use your Subscription (

Internet Explorer 5.5 users please be sure to upgrade to the most recent version of Internet Explorer before attempting this search.

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